How To Whitelist On Minehut

How To Whitelist On Minehut

Facing issues with unauthorized access on your Minehut server? Aiming for a private environment for you and your peers? Whitelisting is your strategic move.

This guide is your definitive resource for whitelisting people on minehut, suited for both new and seasoned server owners.

It simplifies the process, offering clear, concise guidance and eliminating the confusion of complex commands.

Whitelisting enables selective server access, ideal for private settings by permitting only specific users while blocking others.

The four fundamental commands for whitelisting include:

  1. /whitelist on: Switches the whitelist *"on" *.

  2. /whitelist off: Switches the whitelist "off". "on"

  3. /whitelist add (user): Adds a user to the whitelist when "on".

  4. /whitelist remove (user): Removes a user from the whitelist.

Whitelist People On Minehut In Easy Steps

Now, let's delve into the specifics of enabling the whitelist feature on your server. It's a straightforward process, akin to a simple task (almost as easy as snapping your fingers).

Here are the steps:

Short Answer: Open your command prompt and enter the command /whitelist on. It's as straightforward as it sounds.

For Those Who Appreciate Details: To enable the whitelist on your server, you have two primary methods for accessing the command prompt, the gateway to implementing commands:

In-Game Console Method:

Activate the chat window by pressing the designated key (typically "T"). Use the up arrow to revisit previous commands, then enter /whitelist on.

Minehut Server Console Method:

Navigate to the Minehut server dashboard, select your server, and proceed to the "Console" tab. Here, input /whitelist on and press Enter.

Command Breakdown:

  1. /: This symbol starts the command.

  2. whitelist: This part of the command indicates that the action will pertain to whitelisting.

  3. on: This switches the specified feature (in this case, the whitelist) to active status.

The Result: Upon pressing Enter, your server transforms into an exclusive gated community. From this point forward, only players included on the whitelist have the ability to join, with all others receiving a courteous "permission denied" notification.

Keep in mind: Implementing this command by itself does not automatically allow access to anyone. In the following sections, we will cover the processes for adding your preferred players (or removing any mistakenly added individuals) to/from the whitelist. Continue with us for further insights into securing your server.

Adding Players to Your Whitelist

With your server now secured as an exclusive area, it's the perfect moment to start inviting your trusted circle.

Think of adding players to the whitelist as distributing privileged access keys to your private digital realm. Here’s the method to follow:

Quick Guide: Reopen the command prompt and input /whitelist add username, replacing username with the precise player's name. It's straightforward!

Command Explanation:

  1. /: Begins the command.
  2. whitelist: Identifies the action's focus, which is on whitelisting.
  3. add: Instructs the command to include a new member.
  4. username: This should be replaced with the player's exact username. Pay attention to case sensitivity to avoid errors.

Addig Multiple Players In Whitelist At Onece:

Looking to extend invitations to your whole group of friends? It’s simple:

The /whitelist add command can be executed repeatedly for individual usernames.

For bulk additions, compile a list of usernames and integrate them into a single command by separating each with a space, like so: /whitelist add player1 player2 player3.

Upon execution, these selected players are granted access to your server, complete with instant notifications for joining. It’s crucial to exercise discretion with whitelisting powers, ensuring only trusted individuals gain entry.

Advanced Tip: For enhanced security, consider assigning nicknames within the whitelist. This measure ensures identities remain confidential, known only to you and those within your trusted network.

Checking Whitelisted Players

Curious about who has access to your digital realm? While whitelisting affords you control over entry, periodically reviewing who's been granted access is a wise measure.

Here’s the procedure for checking the current whitelist status:

Quick Reference: Execute the command */whitelist list *through the in-game console or the Minehut server console to view the roster.

The output will reveal important details such as:

Player usernames: Identifiers used by players for server access.

First joined date: The initial date they were added to the whitelist.

Last joined date: The latest date they accessed your server.

For a comprehensive overview, you can merge the use of /whitelist list with the /online players command.

This combination allows you to monitor which whitelisted players are actively participating on your server at any given time, aiding in managing active builders, explorers, or anyone in-between (with the hope of minimal mischief).


You've successfully learned how to whitelist someone on minehut, turning your Minehut server into a secure hub of enjoyment.

With the skills to manage access meticulously, continue shaping a vibrant community while safeguarding against intruders.

Embrace the continuous journey of whitelisting, engage with Minehut's resources for additional support, and unlock endless possibilities for adventure on your server.

Dive in, and let your creative spirit lead the way!

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