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Experience pure Anarchy, untamed and untouched, in Its Treason on version 1.2! No plugins, no rules, just classic Minecraft with unlimited freedom. Craft your legacy!

Its Treason


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Its Treason
Version 1.20
Owner Henosz
Location United States
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Began on 2023.02.16 NO RULES. It's Treason is a vanilla snapshot server always running the latest snapshot version of minecraft. There are no rules. It's an anarchy server similar to 2b2t.

We use some vanilla tweaks as well as server utility datapacks for a bit more stability as vanilla servers are fragile and unstable existences.

If you experience any lag/high TPS notify a staff member.

What Is The Server IP For Its Treason?

The IP address for Its Treason is Start playing today on the most recent, accurate, and working IP address for 2023!

How Do I Play On The Its Treason Minecraft Server?

To play on the Its Treason Minecraft server, follow these steps:

  1. Open Minecraft and click on the Multiplayer button.
  2. Click on the Add Server button.
  3. In the Server Name field, enter Its Treason.
  4. In the Server Address field, enter
  5. Click on the Done button.
  6. Select the Its Treason server from the list and click on the Join Server button. Have fun!

If you are having trouble connecting to the server, make sure that you are using the correct IP address and that your Minecraft version is up to date. You may also need to disable your firewall or antivirus software.

What Minecraft Game Version Does Its Treason Server Support?

Its Treason supports Minecraft version 1.2. You can also use any older or lower versions to connect and play on the server, but you may not be able to experience all of the features and content that the server has to offer.

Where Is The Its Treason Minecraft Server Being Hosted?

The Its Treason Minecraft Server is hosted in a high-quality data center in the Hungary. This ensures that players from all over the world can enjoy a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

What Game Modes Can I Play On The Its Treason Minecraft Server?

Its Treason offers a variety of game modes, including Anarchy, Vanilla, Survival and PvP.

What Is The Discord Server For The Its Treason Minecraft Server?

The Discord server for the Its Treason Minecraft server is Join discord server to stay up-to-date on server news, chat with players, get help from staff, participate in events, and access exclusive content