Terms of Services

Minecraft-Server.io's Terms of Service detail the rules and guidelines for using our platform, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all users. Please read carefully before engaging.

Before you proceed with adding your site or server to our Minecraft server list, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

User Submissions: All the Minecraft servers that appear on our list have been freely submitted by our registered users. We don't charge for these listings, and it's a community-driven effort.

Visiting Linked Servers: When you see a server that interests you and decide to visit it by clicking on its link, please be aware that you're doing so at your own discretion and risk. We aim to provide a platform for sharing, but the actual experience on these linked servers is beyond our control.

Our Liability: While we strive to maintain a high-quality list, Minecraft-Server.io and our parent company cannot be held liable for any experiences or content you encounter on the linked servers. We trust our community to make informed choices.

Reporting Inappropriate Content: We're committed to ensuring that our platform remains a safe and enjoyable space for all. If you come across any content or server that you believe violates our guidelines or doesn't align with the ethos of Minecraft-Server.io, please report it to us. We prioritize such reports and will take swift action to investigate and, if necessary, remove the content.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the integrity of our Minecraft server list.

Understanding The Terms of Services

Whenever you access or use Minecraft-Server.io or its subdomains, you're agreeing to its Terms of Use. It's important to note that these terms can change, sometimes without notice.

If you're using specific services on the site, there might be additional rules or guidelines for those services. These additional rules are also part of the overall Terms of Services.

Understanding the Service Provisions

The team behind Minecraft-Server.io has the sole discretion to make changes to the site and its services. This could mean modifying, discontinuing, or even deleting user data without giving prior notice.

It's essential to be aware that the site doesn't guarantee the timely storage, accuracy, or delivery of any data or information, and they aren't liable for any related issues.

Understanding the Voting and Ranking System

  • Ranking Method:
    • Minecraft servers are ranked based on unique votes.
    • The more unique votes a server receives, the higher its rank.
  • Monthly Reset:
    • All vote counts are reset to zero on the first day of each month.
    • This ensures a fresh start and equal opportunity for all servers every month.
  • Fair Voting Practices:
    • Users are expected to vote fairly and authentically.
    • Prohibited methods include:
      • Automated voting systems or bots.
      • Use of proxy servers to cast multiple votes.
      • VPNs that might allow users to vote multiple times.
      • Scripts or applications designed to manipulate the voting process.
  • Consequences for Unfair Practices:
    • If a server is found manipulating votes or using unfair practices:
      • The server's votes can be reset to zero.
      • The server's listing might be disabled, making it invisible to potential visitors.
      • This action is taken to maintain the integrity of the ranking system and ensure a fair platform for all servers.
  • Financial Implications:
    • If a server is caught cheating and has pending purchases or credits on its account:
      • These funds or credits are non-refundable.
      • Cheating or manipulating votes is a breach of the platform's terms and conditions, and as a result, any financial claims are voided.

This system is designed to ensure a fair and transparent ranking process for all Minecraft servers listed on the platform. It encourages genuine community engagement and deters any potential manipulative practices.

Duties and Registration Requirements

To access and use Minecraft-Server.io:

  • Registration:
    • You need to sign up on the site.
    • Ensure that the information you provide during registration is accurate and honest.
  • Agreement to Terms:
    • By registering, you are giving your clear consent to the platform's Terms of Use.
    • Be aware that these terms can change, and it's your responsibility to stay updated with any modifications made over time.

to use the platform, you need to register with genuine details and agree to adhere to the site's terms and conditions.

Understanding Account Security

When you register on Minecraft-Server.io:

  • Password Confidentiality:
    • It's your duty to keep your password private and secure.
    • Any activity that happens through your account, whether you've authorized it or not, falls under your responsibility.
  • Reporting Unauthorized Access:
    • If you notice any unauthorized use of your account or if your password gets compromised, it's crucial to inform the platform right away.

In short, safeguarding your account details is essential, and you should promptly report any security breaches related to your account.

Understanding User Conduct

When interacting with Minecraft-Server.io, users should be aware of the following guidelines and responsibilities:

  • Content Responsibility:
    • Any content you provide, whether it's text, images, videos, or any other form, is solely your responsibility.
    • This responsibility extends to content provided through your user account, even if you weren't the one who uploaded it.
  • Exposure to Varied Content:
    • The platform might have content that some users find objectionable or offensive.
    • Minecraft-Server.io isn't responsible for the nature of content on the site or any errors or omissions related to it.
  • Prohibited Actions:
    • Users must not:
      • Share content or behave in ways that are harmful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise offensive.
      • Share content that could disrupt the platform's services or contains harmful elements like viruses.
      • Engage in actions that could lead to legal liabilities or violate local, national, or international laws.
      • Pretend to be someone else or misrepresent their association with any entity.
      • Hide or misrepresent the origin of the content they provide.
      • Gather data about other users without their consent.
      • Use the platform for unauthorized advertising or commercial purposes, including spam, junk mail, and pyramid schemes.

While using Minecraft-Server.io, users should be respectful, authentic, and avoid actions that could harm the platform or its community.

Understanding Content Submission

When you submit content to Minecraft-Server.io, here's what you should know:

Granting of License to Minecraft-Server.io:

  • By submitting content, you're giving the platform:
    • A global, royalty-free, ongoing license to use, show, reproduce, adjust, publish, distribute, and promote your content.
    • The right to modify your content and create new works based on it.
    • This license is applicable to all forms of media, even those that might be developed in the future.

Your Warranties:

  • You assure that:
    • You possess all the necessary legal and moral rights to grant this license to Minecraft-Server.io.
    • The content you provide doesn't infringe on any third-party rights.

Platform's Discretionary Rights:

  • Minecraft-Server.io has the authority to:
    • Decide not to publish any content you submit.
    • Remove or restrict access to your content at any point.
    • Make these decisions at their sole discretion and may or may not provide a reason.

In summary, when you provide content to Minecraft-Server.io, you're granting them extensive rights to use and modify that content. It's essential to ensure you have the right to share this content and be aware that the platform can decide how and if it's displayed.

Third Party Services

When using Minecraft-Server.io, you might come across third-party goods and services:

Advertisements and Availability:

  • Minecraft-Server.io might feature advertisements or offer access to third-party products or services.

Third Party Representations:

  • Any claims or descriptions about these third-party products and services are made by the third parties themselves.
  • Minecraft-Server.io doesn't oversee or validate these third-party claims.

Liability and Interactions:

  • Minecraft-Server.io isn't responsible for any transactions or interactions you might have with these third parties.

while third-party goods and services might be accessible via Minecraft-Server.io, any dealings with these third parties are solely between you and them. The platform doesn't take responsibility for any issues that might arise from these interactions.

Understanding Indemnification

When using Minecraft-Server.io, you have certain responsibilities regarding potential legal claims:

Agreement to Indemnify:

  • You commit to protect and not hold responsible Minecraft-Server.io and its associated entities (like subsidiaries, affiliates, related parties, officers, directors, etc.) from any legal claims.

Scope of Indemnification:

  • This protection covers claims that might arise due to:
  • Your actions or association with Minecraft-Server.io.
  • The content you provide to the platform.
  • Any breach of the platform's Terms of Use by you.
  • Any infringement of another person's or party's rights because of your actions.

Financial Implications:

  • If a third party makes a claim due to any of the above reasons, you'll cover the costs, including reasonable attorney fees, that Minecraft-Server.io or its associates might incur.

In summary, if your actions on Minecraft-Server.io lead to legal issues, you're responsible for handling the consequences and any associated costs, ensuring that the platform and its related entities aren't adversely affected.

Warranty Disclaimer

When using Minecraft-Server, it's essential to be aware of the platform's stance on warranties and service guarantees:

Service Use at Your Own Risk:

  • Your interaction with Minecraft-Server and any services or content it provides is entirely at your discretion and risk.

No Warranties Provided:

  • The platform offers its services "as is," meaning there are no guarantees attached.
  • Minecraft-Server doesn't provide any warranties, whether they're implied or directly stated. This includes:
    • Warranties of merchantability (that the service will meet your needs or expectations).
    • Fitness for a particular purpose (that the service is suitable for a specific use).
    • Non-infringement (that the service doesn't infringe on others' rights).

No Guarantees on Service Quality:

  • The platform doesn't promise that:
    • The service will be uninterrupted or error-free.
    • It will be free from viruses.
    • It will always be timely, secure, accurate, or reliable.
    • Any content available is safe to download.

No Professional Advice:

  • Minecraft-Server and those participating in the service don't offer professional advice.
  • Using any advice or information from the platform is at your risk, and the platform isn't liable for any consequences of such use.

Jurisdictional Variations:

  • Some regions or jurisdictions might not recognize disclaimers of implied warranties.
  • In such cases, the above disclaimers might not apply to you, but only concerning those implied warranties.

In summary, while Minecraft-Server offers its platform for users, it doesn't provide any guarantees or warranties about the quality, safety, or reliability of its services. Users should approach the platform understanding these limitations.

Limitation of Liability

When using Minecraft-Server, it's crucial to be aware of the platform's stance on liabilities:

No Liability for Damages:

  • Minecraft-Server isn't responsible for:
      • Direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages.
      • Loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, or other intangible losses.

Specific Situations of Non-Liability:

  • The platform isn't liable for issues arising from:
    • Your ability or inability to use the service.
    • Costs related to obtaining substitute goods/services due to any transaction on the platform.
    • Unauthorized access or changes to your data.
    • Actions or statements of third parties on the service.
    • Any other matters related to the service.

Waiver of Legal Actions:

  • By agreeing to these terms, you're giving up any rights to take legal or other actions against Minecraft-Server or its associates.

Platform's Stance on Messages:

  • Minecraft-Server isn't responsible for the content of messages posted by users.
  • Messages reflect the views of the individual poster, not the platform.
  • If a user finds a message objectionable, they can report it, and the platform will consider removing it if deemed necessary.

User Conduct Expectations:

  • Users shouldn't post content that is:
    • False, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of privacy, or illegal.
    • Violative of copyrights unless owned by the user.

While Minecraft-Server provides a platform for users, it limits its liability regarding potential damages and the content users post. Users should approach the platform understanding these limitations and their responsibilities.