Best Minecraft 1.20 PE Mods

Best Minecraft 1.20 PE Mods

You may discover various modifications available for the Minecraft Java edition, like Optifine and JourneyMap. But if you are struggling to search for effective Minecraft 1.20 Pocket-Friendly mods, then you have landed at the right place.

Unfold various features and modifications of MCPE to enhance your gaming experience on mobiles and tablets.

In this article, we have enlisted the top 5 Best Minecraft 1.20 PE Mods available in store.

Types Of Mods For Minecraft 1.20 PE:

Survival: To make your survival in the Minecraft gaming environment more thrilling here comes the Survival Mod. With the addition of new mobs to fight with and resources to hunt, the players need to survive till the end.

Creative: Creative Mods are developed to bring out creative modifications to your gameplay. They provide players with additional resources and building tools which they can use to craft a creative gaming environment.

PvP: If you wish to indulge and compete with other players then the PvP mods are what you must install in your system. They turn the combat experience challenging and competitive by introducing new weapons, armour and other gaming mechanics.

Exploration: The last yet the most interesting Minecraft mod is Exploration. These mods can engage you for a long time by introducing new dimensions, biomes and several other features, letting the players discover new things for enjoying a seamless gameplay.

Top 5 Best Minecraft 1.20 PE Mods

1. The Must-Have Companion: Inventory Tweaks

If players want to manage their inventories, then here is their must-have companion, Inventory Tweaks. From the name itself, one can figure out that this PE Minecraft mod is dedicated to automatically replacing broken tools and refilling emptied item stacks.

Whether you are a single or multiplayer, the Inventory Tweak proves to be an effective solution for all the players.

2. The Creative Playground: FurniCraft

Have you ever thought of giving an interior decor to your Minecraft game place? Well, you can do so now using the Furnicraft mod. The Furnicraft addon is a perfect blend of Furniture in Minecraft. It is used to include furniture blocks in your game.

Right from kitchen utensils and bathroom equipment to stoves, shower products, and tables, this addon comes with more than 500+ furniture options.

So add a variety of furniture blocks in your gaming world and place and rotate them in any direction.

3. The Thrill Seeker's Delight: The Betweenlands

To have a thrilling survival experience within the Minecraft environment, try out the BetweenLands mod crafted by the AngryPixel modding group.

By installing this mod in your Minecraft PE, you can add a new dimension that comes along with thrilling and challenging content to provide the players with adventurous gameplay.

The new dimension is nothing but a mysterious realm in which strange, creepy monsters keep roaming amid the decayed residue.

Although it sounds dangerous, it also provides an overwhelming gaming experience to the players as there is a lot more to discover and unfold as you begin to play.

4. The Unexpected Surprise: Animal Bikes

Minecraft players have the flexibility to include ridable animals within their gameplay by installing one of the popular AnimalBikes mods.

Each bike has its own feature/ability, setting them apart from other bikes. For this, one needs to explore dungeons and look for saddles, which will help in crafting the bikes.

The mod is compatible with both single as well as multiplayer. So explore and add a variety of bikes ranging from Ender Dragon Bike, Chinese Dragon Bike to Cow Bike and Pig Bike using Animal Bike mod.

5. The Game Changer: ElytraPlus

ElytraPlus for Minecraft 1.20 PE enhances the Elytra experience, offering players improved flight mechanics and customization options. This mod allows for longer and more controlled flights, making exploration more thrilling.

It adds unique features like speed boosters and flexibility enhancements, transforming the Elytra into a more versatile tool for navigating the Minecraft world.

How To Download And Install Mods For Minecraft 1.20 PE?

In the above section, we have explored the best Minecraft mods for your pocket edition experience. Now, to install the mods for your Minecraft 1.20 PE edition and enjoy its additional benefits, follow the below steps.

  1. On your mobile phone, head to the App Store/Google Play Store.
  2. Now, type AddOns for Minecraft PE, and you will get a list of apps.
  3. Click on 'install' to get the app on your device.
  4. Once installed, click on the mod you wish to use and select 'Copy to Minecraft.'
  5. Launch Minecraft and tap Play>> Create New >> Create New World.
  6. Now, in the left panel, look for the 'Resources Pack' section.
  7. Choose the desired mod and click + below it.
  8. Tap on the 'Activate' option below and then 'Create.'

There, you have successfully installed mods for Minecraft 1.20 PE.


Are Mods Safe To Use On Minecraft PE?

Yes, it is completely safe to use mods for Minecraft PE unless and until you download mods from reliable websites like Curseforge.

Will Using Mods Mess Up My Game?

As the name says, Mods are the modifications which aim to provide a seamless gaming experience and hence it does not mess up your game. But if you're using an outdated Mod version then there are chances of messing up the game.

Can I Use Mods On Multiplayer Servers?

Yes, players have the flexibility to install and use mods on both single and multiplayer servers.


Turn your Minecraft Pocket edition into an adventurous and exciting gaming environment today itself by installing the best Minecraft PE Mods available in the market.

Happy Reading!